Healthcare Strategic Solutions, LLC



advisory services

  • Strategic Visioning - Develop comprehensive strategies to more effectively position the organization as a performance-driven leader in the market.

  • Business Acquisition Planning and Evaluation - Challenge organizations to critically evaluate potential market expansion segments that will support their strategic objectives and enhance financial performance.

  • Business Development Strategies and Execution- Create new approaches to enable organizations to expand their customer and revenue base through tapping into an extensive national network of C-Suite executives.

  • Governance Development - Partner with Boards of Directors to enhance their effectiveness and to transform them to operate as higher-performing Boards.

  • Leadership Development - Drive new or seasoned senior leadership groups to evolve to higher-performing teams focused on visioning, unity, accountability and execution.

  • Executive Coaching - Mentor Chief Executive Officers and other senior executive leadership to position themselves as stronger leaders with their Board, leadership teams and associates.

  • Interim Executive Management - Provide interim executive leadership built on thirty years of experience as a CEO, COO, CAO and CFO.

  • Boards of Directors - Serve in a variety of Board positions including Board Chairman; Director; and,  as Chairman of Compensation and Audit Committees.